Monday, July 6, 2009

Turtle Chex Mix Bars Review

Thanks again to My Blog Spark and Chex Mix, I was able to review Turtle Chex Mix Bars.

They are caramel-covered Corn Chex pieces, Wheat Chex pieces, Peanuts and Pretzels. They come in 1.2 oz. bars and are perfect for breakfast or just a great salty/sweet snack! And best of all, they are only 130 calories and 3.5 grams of fat in each bar! I found them to be just the right amount of salty and sweet and the perfect chewy texture. Not too crunchy and not too soft. Delicious! My only concern is that because of the caramel, they are rather sticky. Not something ideal for on-the-go unless you are able to wash your hands. But because of the mish-mash of ingredients, I don't think you'd want them any drier. I think the caramel is a necessary and delicious ingredient in the bar.

Chex Mix Bars come in 7.4 oz packages containing 6 bars. You can get them just about anywhere now - even Amazon!

Check out all of the delicous Chex Mix product including the Turtle Chex Mix Bars here.

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