Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goodnight Me book review

I am a lucky member of the Parents Review Network at Just for Parents. Recently I was sent the book Goodnight Me to review.

"Echoing the loving goodnight rituals that will be familiar to many a parent and child, Andrew Daddo's gentle text, with softly hued illustrations by Emma Quay, is just the thing for coaxing an active toddler to sleep."

This book is absolutely adorable! It chronicles the bedtime rituals of the cutest little orangutan! He goes through the motions of thanking his body parts for what they did for the day, and saying good night to them. For instance, the book starts out with "Goodnight feet. Thanks for running me around today."

"Shhh mouth. No more questions. Just say goodnight."

Another cute line "You can let go now hands. We're all going to sleep."

It's simply written and has a very calm and relaxed feel. Perfect for getting your little one to settle in for the night. It might even become a ritual they can do all on their own!

I truly believe this book sends a wonderful message that we should be thankful for all of the things our bodies do for us every day. And that they need rest to get us through another day!

I highly recommend this for ages anywhere up to probably about 8 or 9. It got 4 thumbs up from my little munchkins!

You can purchase this beautifully written and illustrated book at Amazon!

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