Monday, March 8, 2010

Ruthless and Toothless Review: Finally! Stylish clothes for kids!

My daughter is only seven. But she has a style all her own. I'm proud of the fact that she loves to express herself through her hair and clothing, without being concerned with what people think. I hope that, as she grows, she doesn't lose that confidence to be herself. My only problem is that it's hard to find clothing for her that isn't covered in frilly ribbons and lace!

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway that allowed me to choose a product from a company that makes clothing for kids with a style all their own. Ruthless & Toothless is a complete children's line created by several of the artists from Miami Ink. Four artists from the Love Hate Tattoo studio have launched Ruthless & Toothless, a fashion line for tots. They have incredible clothing for babies up to 10 years! Plus other great products like laptop and cell phone skins, sunglasses, skateboards, and even baby bottles! Everything has a very stylish, unique, and artistic feel. I've never seen anything like it!

The wonderful rep at Ruthless & Toothless sent the Love Bug Hoodie for my daughter.

It's very stylish and funky, yet still girly! Way cute! My daughter loves it!

Check out how adorable it is!

The colors are crisp and vibrant and I didn't notice ANY fading after washing. And it also held it's shape really well. I did find that the products ran a little small so go one up when ordering.

The rep was also nice enough to throw in a laptop skin from their new "Toothians" line. They totally rocked out my Dell!

Check out all of their skins through the Ruthless & Toothless site or at InkSkins.

This company is definitely worth checking out. The line is new here in the states and is quickly gathering a wildly large following! Check out their full story HERE.

To keep up with all the latest products, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook! Or check out the Ruthless & Toothless blog for new product updates and giveaways!

Thank you to Ruthless and Toothless for providing the products for review!

Disclosure: I received the products as a giveaway prize from a blog giveaway at A Family Completed. I was not compensated for the review. I just love their products and am happy to promote them!