Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get FROM DUST AND ASHES book download FREE

Visit the author Tricia Goyer's website and get a free download of her book From Dust to Ashes, brought to you by Amazon. 

From Dust and Ashes depicts the true physical and emotional hardshis endured at Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps. This is a valuable, much-neede book for every person to read. The book mirrors my memoirs.
Leroy Woychick
US Army Veteran, 11th Armored Division

From Dust and Ashes is a remarkable portrayal of God's transforming power in the aftermath of war. Tricia Goyer invites us on a journey into the lives of three unlikely friends who find hope in the midst of destruction and love from the dust and ashes. Highly recommended.
Mario Schalesky
author of the Winds of Freedom series

From Dust and Ashes is a must-read. Although written in fiction form, it beautifully relates the feelings and anxieties of the victims of the German concentration camps, as well as the German non-Nazi civilian experiences after the war. Tricia Goyer did a great job in researching by humanizing all events based on actual facts. I was with the 11th Armored Division, 41st Cavalr Reconnaissance, in Europe, and being the first on the scene was probably the only GI to actually witness the unelaborated death camps while they still were in full operation.
Thomas C Nicolla
US Army Veteran
11th Armored Division

There is a download link for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and more! Download is available until October 4th. So get your download today. Enjoy!

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