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Dog breath no more with Therabreath! #review

Ever wake up in the morning NOT feeling like P. Diddy?  More like someone snuck in and dirtied up your mouth while you were sleeping?  Or do you just suffer with chronic bad breath, even with regular brushing, flossing, and breath mints?  I've been there.  I felt like I did everything right, and still had bad breath.  I was a chronic gum chewer to try to combat it.  Nothing worked.  Then, I was introduced to TheraBreath products.  This is the answer I've been waiting for!

TheraBreath was created with people like me in mind.  People who have suffered for years with no relief.  Check out their site and learn how bad breath starts, and TheraBreath fights it!  (About TheraBreath)


TheraBreath Toothpaste

From the Therabreath site:
"Brush with this toothpaste twice a day and you will stop bad breath, guaranteed! This formula is also great for gum health and nothing is more powerful at fighting cavities. Therabreath Toothpaste is designed to control the anaerobic bacteria that causes bad breath. Buy it today, use it regularly, and you'll breathe easier and smile more often."
First off, I tried the Therabreath Toothpaste.  If I'm being honest, I wasn't impressed with the cleaning power of this paste.  I would brush in the morning, and by the end of the day, my teeth were feeling a little grungy.  However, even though my teeth felt not-so-fresh, my breath still was!  The germ killing power of the paste is undeniable.  If you are going to use this as your regular paste, and want to make sure your teeth stay smooth and clean, I'd recommend brushing 3 times a day.  My one other complaint, is the larger size of the container.  It's a little hard to squeeze and hard to get the paste from the end of the bottle.  Other than that, this stuff is fantastic!  The paste is smooth and creamy, not gritty.  And the minty flavor is very mild yet still refreshing. 

*I give it one thumb up!*


TheraBreath Oral Rinse

From the Therabreath site:

"Stop your bad breath and end chronic halitosis by using TheraBreath Oral Rinse after brushing with TheraBreath Toothpaste. This amazing rinse uses the odor-obliterating power of OXYD-8 for treating bad breath, stopping halitosis and eliminating sour, bitter and metallic tastes in your mouth."

Next up was the TheraBreath Oral Rinse.  I like the fact that the rinse is a very mild mint.  I don't like feeling like I'm burning off a layer of skin, just to kill germs.  I think this would be great for older kids and teens as well.  And it left my mouth feeling fresh and clean, without an overpowering mint flavor.  And even when the mint wore off, my breath was still incredibly fresh!  And what's cool is the bottle comes with a snap-on cup for easy rinsing.  You just pop the cup off of the cover, pour in your desired amount, and store it back on the bottle when you're done.  My only complaint with the Oral Rinse, is that it feels like you are rinsing with water.  I, psychologically, felt like it wasn't working because I couldn't taste it much, and it didn't bubble or foam or anything.  Like rinsing with water.  Now, this may just take some getting used to, but I sort of missed my sizzling, bubbly mouthwash.  Maybe if the mint was just a touch stronger, it would feel better to me.  But don't get me wrong, I still love this stuff! 

*It gets one and a half thumbs up from me!*


TheraBreath Lozenges

From the TheraBreath site:

"Our unique Lozenges are unlike any breath mint you have ever tried. They work in three distinct stages to make sure your mouth is fresh, moist, and healthy. This three stage approach is not only unique, but incredibly effective at controlling bad breath odor. Try our Lozenges - we guarantee you have never experienced a mint like this!"
And last up is the TheraBreath Lozenges.  Don't you hate it when you have bad breath, pop a breath mint, and are just left with stale, minty bad breath?  Well, welcome to the future of fresh breath. These little guys are incredible!  They are a pleasant mint flavor, without being overpowering.  They are just the right size.  And they are individually wrapped so you can stick them in every coat pocket!  And whenever you eat something that leaves and unpleasant odor in your mouth, just pop one of these bad boys and your confidence will soar!  And the price is absolutely incredible.  These are priced at $13.00, which seems high for breath mints.  But keep in mind, the box has 100 mints!  Yes, 100!  Can you imagine a roll of breath mints with 100 pieces!  I am sold.  These are a must have! 

*I would give these 8 thumbs up if I had 8 thumbs!*


Overall, I am in love with the TheraBreath line of products and I can't wait to see what they come out with next!  They already have Teeth Bleaching kits, Gum and Mints, and even Pet Products!  I'd love to see a line just for kids!  You can purchase TheraBreath products online or check out where you can buy them locally.

Thank you to TheraBreath for providing me with the products to review.  My breath has never been fresher!

I was provided with the three Therabreath products that I reviewed, free of charge for review.  All opinions are my own.  See my full disclosure policy here.

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