Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How knowledgeable are you about Internet Security? Week 2

How much do you really know about Internet Security?

Internet Security Myth: No one will try to break into my computer because it has nothing of value.

Fact: Unfortunately, you have more information than you may think on your computer. Do you do your banking online? Do you send and receive emails that contain sensitive or personal information? Have you ever entered personal information such as a social security number, credit card number, or even a username and password into a website? Even your machine can be used in a denial of service attack against government networks or used to store the criminal's stolen data since they don't want the FBI finding the stolen data on their machines. Data, machine resources, hard disk space all can be sold within the underground market for profit, so don't believe that your computer is not of value. There are tools available on the Internet that allow criminals to discover and identify this information on your computer if they can get access to your network. Trend Micro researchers work with law enforcement regularly and see all the different types of data that are sold within the underground market. This collaboration allows us to build better defenses for our customers based on better understanding of these criminal activities.


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Check out my original post regarding Titanium Maximum Security for all of the details of this fantastic product.

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