Monday, September 19, 2011

How knowledgeable are you about Internet Security? Week 3

How much do you really know about Internet Security?

Internet Security Myth: Computer Security is only for the experts.

Fact: Not true. There are many security tools that have been developed with simplicity in mind. Some of these security tools have even been developed so that all the user has to do is install it, and it does the rest itself! Trend Micro recommends users be security conscious in their day to day computer habits. This is because criminals use social engineering techniques like phishing emails to trick users into installing their malicious code. Also, FakeAV is very prevalent and a user should know how to identify FakeAV if it happens to pop-up on their screen. Being a bit suspicious about emails and pop-ups can help a user in the long run. Trend Micro has a number of video's that teach users how to identify threats and we recommend they take some time to review these.


I get TONS of these types of emails. Not sure where they come from, but they are relentless. All is takes is one click to give them access to your entire life! Check out Titanium Maximum Security to protect you!

Check out last weeks myth/fact.

Check out my original post regarding Titanium Maximum Security for all of the details of this fantastic product.

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I'm a BzzAgent and was not compensated for this post. Although I received a 1 year paid subscription, my opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way by Trend Micro or BzzAgent. See my full Disclosure/Acknowledgement policy here.

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