Sunday, October 16, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment - Day 5

Day 5 Exercise: Bring out your competitive side!

The exercise today is to find an activity that you can do together.  Something new.  Something different.  Something that can bring you closer together.  As I've said before, my husband works long hours so we don't spend a ton of time together.  Lunch together is almost non existent!  So for our activity, we decided to make time for lunch together.  I packed up a nice picnic lunch and we met at our local park for a nice, quiet, kid-free meal together.  It was really nice to catch up and to just focus on each other.  No worrying about who's not eating their food, or trying to keep an eye on kids on the playground.  Just us.  It was nice!

The exercise for Night 5, is a fun one!  They actually suggest a poker based card game.  You get a deck of cards and a stack of blank index cards.  The you split the index cards in half and in half again.  On half of the cards, you write down the most sensitive areas of your body.  On the other half, you write down a method of touch that makes you weak.  Then you just play poker.  Winner gets to choose a card from each pile!  It was fun!  I think you could really change up the game and put whatever you'd like on the cards.  A chore that you want your partner to help with, a request for a foot rub or massage, anything that can bring you closer together!

Stay tuned for Day 6 of the KY Intimacy Experiment!


If you'd like to give the experiment a try for yourself, you can download the PDF of the program for FREE right here!  Or check out the KY Facebook Page for more info.

I was sent the Intimacy Experiment Kit from KY free of charge.  I am not being compensated for my time.  All opinions are my own.

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