Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment - Day 7

Day 7 Exercise: Lost in your love map?

Sometimes we keep our mouths shut.  Sometimes we just want to please our partner.  But your individual needs are a key part of making a relationship last.  Knowing your unique 'love map', the memories, experiences, and fantasies that you desire, will make your love making more comfortable, as well as more productive!

The exercise for Day 7 requires you to write down what turns you on.  Make a list of the things you fantasize about, the things that never fail to get your motor running, and experiences you've had that you wish you could recreate!  This was a bit tough for me.  I knew what I wanted to put on my list, but I wasn't sure about sharing some of those thoughts with my husband.  Some I thought were embarrassing, some I thought he'd never go for, and some I thought might even make him feel uncomfortable.  But that's part of the challenge - being honest about what really works for you.  Don't be scared to share.  Your partner is more than likely ready and willing to do what it takes to please you sexually.  I know my husband made his list in about 5 minutes and it was long! rofl...

It's Night 7.  Time to share.  Yikes!  It was time to share our fantasies.  Being honest about what we like, what we don't like, and what we wish we could try.  My husband thoroughly supported everything on my list, making me feel much more comfortable about giving some of them a try!  His list was a little scary for me, but I have to admit, some of them turned me on too!  And they're things I'd never thought about before.  It was a great exercise in opening up to your partner and trying some new things you may have been too embarrassed to ask for!

I love that Night 7 is all about being brutally honest.  Something we just don't do enough!

Stay tuned for Day 8 of the KY Intimacy Experiment!


If you'd like to give the experiment a try for yourself, you can download the PDF of the program for FREE right here!  Or check out the KY Facebook Page for more info.

I was sent the Intimacy Experiment Kit from KY free of charge.  I am not being compensated for my time.  All opinions are my own

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