Saturday, March 1, 2014

NEW Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables #review #imabzzagent

As a BzzAgent, I was lucky (again) to be able to try out the NEW Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables for free!

I love a fresh smelling house. And with this ridiculously long winter we've had, I'm itching to air out our stale surroundings. Since it's still below zero outside, I'll take the next best thing, a good air freshener! So I took my free product coupon and headed out to Target to see what I could find.

I know the pics are a little blurry, but as you can see, I didn't have any trouble finding them in my local Target.

There were a ton of scents to choose from! What's great about the Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables, is that they truly are customizable and you don't have to choose just one! With two separate scents in each plug-in that alternate scents each day automatically, you could choose any number of scent combinations that tickle your fancy. Or even fill it with two refills of the same scent! Some scent packs come with two different complimentary scents. Or you can buy scents singly and create your own paradise of sensory delight!

The plug-in starter kit retailed for $7.99 at my local Target. Decent price, especially since it comes with two scents already. After perusing a wall of scents to choose from, I went with the starter kit that included Lavender and Peach Blossom. But it was tough with choices like Lavender & Vanilla, Clean Linen & Sunny Days, and Sweet Pea & Lilac!

I got home and plugged it in immediately. One perk I like is that it has a swivel in it so you can turn it sideways if space is limited or your outlet is turned sideways. I like the muted colors, and scrollwork design that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, and camouflages into almost any decor!

The one downfall of the product is I think they could've filled the oil containers a bit fuller.

There is a claim that these are supposed to last up to 60 days, but I stopped noticing a scent after about 3 weeks. And I had it set on the lowest setting of a possible five settings of strength. I'm a bit disappointed with the longevity of the product, but at the refill price of only $4.89 (at my local Target), that's less than $1.70 a week for a customizable scent that actually works in a large area. I plugged mine into my dining room, and was pleased to smell it every time I walked in my front door, which is about 25 feet away!

There are so many scent choices that possibilities are almost endless. You can choose one of their complimentary scent combo packs, or buy the scents in double packs and customize your own. Here are just a few of their scents:

Clean Linen
Hawaiian Breeze
Apple Cinnamon
Pure Vanilla Joy
Berry Burst
Clear Springs

Check out all of the scents and combos at the Glade site.

Up next, Glade® Wax Melts... Now, I'm a die hard Scentsy fan, so check out my no holds bar review!

I'm a BzzAgent, and was sent a coupon for Glad PlugIns Scented Oil Customizbles for review, for free.. Opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. Please read my full disclosure policy here.

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